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Beautiful Colors...I loved it!  - A. Ledezma


Great work, great website, great bio...  Can't say enough good things about your site!!  Keep up the great work  - P. Sanchez    (simplyartistic.com)


Beautiful work! I love your coloring and intensity.Congrats from one artist to another, -Yasemin


I would guess that you are from Panama but have lived in Puerto Rico in order to come up with such detailed and precise description and history of the flora and fauna of that island. Your art is very original. Best of luck! - P. Daniels


 I can not believe it, its incredible, I really loved it -Haithan


I love your art and the colors; full of life. I wish you the best of luck! - A. Nedim


As a Puerto Rican, I can truly appreciate the vivid and
bold colors of your paintings, especially how it depicts your culture as
well as mine
- P. Nieves


I love your colors.  I am a soft pastel artist, but I love pastels for all the same reason as you do (the ability to use your hands.)  - Raphe ( www.raphe.net)